The perfect wall colors in the bedroom, according to color expert

Although the wall color does not directly affect our sleep quality, it helps to relax, switch off and getting up. Because colors have a positive effect on our health, albeit very subtly. #wall color #interiordesign #interior

When choosing drapes for your living room, there is a thought process that is crucial before you go to market. If you think about these basics you will have a fantastic living room without having to spend the earth.

Basic color scheme

Think about the basic color scheme of your living room before everything else.

Do you have sober colors or bright colors?

Does your living room have shades of single-color family, or do you prefer contrasts in each item you place?

For a single color family, it would be wise for your window blinds to also reflect the same standard. Therefore, you can go for a different shade of green, blue or whatever color you have used in the rest of the decor.

Contrasting colors are another ball game. Keep in mind that contrasting colors look best if larger rooms are because they tend to make the room look smaller than it actually is.

Finding combinations such as white and black, green and yellow, gray-white and gray, and so on will give a very different and vibrant life to your room settings.


Fabric available for window decoration in the case of living room is available in an extremely large variety of tapestries, colors and prints. You can be excused for being confused about choosing the right fabric for your everyday curtains.

Of course, there is a huge cost variation too, depending on where in the spectrum your choice is located.

In general, your curtain fabric should match it with other upholstery in the room.

You can choose rich fabrics such as velvet and silk, or combination fabrics that are rich and elegant.

If you want more tranquil surroundings, cotton fabrics for shutters and curtains come in a variety of colors and designs.

My personal favorite is the middle of the road option offered by silk sari curtains. These are silk curtains that were basically designed as Saris, the traditional six-yard dress by Indian women. These traditionally woven have been beautifully modified to fit in as excellent silk curtains and drapes. They offer the best of both worlds - the elegance and richness of silk at prices that are nowhere near the high cost of silk upholstery.


As a rule of thumb, your curtains should complement your furniture. In the case of regular furniture, you can go to printed curtains. The size of the printout can be large if you want to make a bold statement. You can even go with bold colors, contrast prints like flowers etc to brighten up the room.

If subtle elegance is your style, then go for smaller print like mesh with the fabric. By small I mean a few inches in size on the outside. You can even go for patterns that are woven in the fabric compared to simple printing, as these have a longer life.

Enjoy your everyday decoration!