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A round surface rug is a versatile and attractive floor covering in the widest range of colors, patterns and material compositions you can imagine! A rug is versatile. They can create wonderful contact points with splashes to be the unifying element in tying the design in a room.

Carpets can create cozy conversation areas and by their nature of being round they create a defined space to gather for intimate conversations. In a jiffy, they fold down quickly and easily to give your house a blast of color and character.

A round surface mat provides comfort, cushioning and warmth over floors with a hard surface finish such as tiles, stone, laminate or wood flooring. A beautiful rug can also be considered as a "work of art" for the floor which gives the room an artistic merit and value. And last but not least, they can feel wonderfully textural, comforting soft and plush under your bare feet ...

5 Decoration advantages with round carpets

1] They can creatively compensate for the rectangular and linear nature of doorways, walls, floors and furniture.

2] A round rug can successfully create and draw together an advanced design look in a room. The circular shape can draw and echo other elements with circular shapes in the existing room, such as architecture, lighting fixtures, furniture and room accessories without looking artificial or excessive.

3] A round mat is the perfect solution for visually opening a small room, so that small rooms feel larger. They are especially good for apartment accommodation. The circular nature naturally softens the hard edges of the furniture and creates attractive and defined pools of space.

4] If you want to create a rich sense of luxury and character with texture heat and depth, you will choose the perfect carpet that is laid over beautiful wooden flooring, texture flooring or wall-to-wall carpet to create a unique look.

5] Create an intimate conversation area by highlighting a specific area of ​​the room, improving the focal point and cozyness of that area by using a beautiful rug around the area to create an inviting space ...

Some more thoughts on using a round surface ...

As you can see, a covered area opens up many opportunities to experiment with decorating the space in your space. The unique nature of the shape creates a sense of symmetry and balance in unifying your surroundings. And of course many ask "how do I know which mat to choose?"

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect rug for your area.

If you want to create a focal point in a room, choose a mat with a central medallion or design feature. If there is already an obvious central point of contact such as a fireplace, it is best to use a mat with a more repetitive, not so obvious pattern.

If you already have upholstery with a busy pattern in your furniture or fancy wallpaper, it is best to choose a more subtle carpet pattern so that they do not compete.

On the other hand, if your upholstery and walls are relatively common and subdued, you have the perfect opportunity to try a colorful rug with a dramatic design and pattern to create interest in a focal point in the room.

Bold patterns such as abstract patterns, lots of colors, large flowers on a small mat serve to make a room look bigger.

If you coordinate your new rug with things you already own, remedies take colors of clothing, wallpaper and color chips when you shop, as it is very difficult to try to visualize what your room looks like ... Often shop owners are quite happy for you to take carpet home to try.

Final thoughts on choosing a round surface ...

I wish you all the best of luck in choosing the right round rug because they can be a wonderful addition to the home, providing many years of joy and usefulness. Take time to decide on size, color, structural emphasis and even the materials from the carpet. Must the carpet be easy to care for, is it in a high traffic area, are allergies a problem ...? These are just a few tips to consider in your assignment. Choose wisely and you will be well rewarded.