Pinspiration: Add A Touch Of Luxury With Velvet Decor

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One of the most beautiful living rooms I have ever been in had a bright red, large, rectangular mat in the middle of the golden oak floor. The red carpet was fantastic and simple, but brought energy to an otherwise non-descript room. Using color in the living room will change how your living room feels.

We often use bright colors like accent pieces, throw pillows or even splashes of art on the walls. Sometimes we get the nerve to paint a wall or even a whole room a bold bright color. But just as often, we neglect to see the floor as a viable option for keeping bright colors. Bright colors bring energy and life to a room. Using a light colored mat will revitalize a living room and look at the space that people will remember.

Take a look at your living room. Is it boring, bland? Need something new? Does it need an extra pick-me-up? Why not try a light rug? It lights up your living room immediately. Although the walls are white and the furniture is not described, a light surface mat will accommodate the space. You can start by choosing your favorite color. Is it blue, pink, red? Will it co-ordinate or complement the colors of your living room? If so, find a light, bold rug large enough to fill the area you want it and see what transformation it brings to your living room.

Light emerald or rich cocoa will get a tired room. You can choose to use an oval mat or a rectangular mat. You can decide that a plush deck works better for your space than a tightly woven mat. No matter what choice you have in texture or sizes, you should be able to find a mat that you like in the color you want. You can build your everyday decoration around the colored carpet. You can find accent decorations in similar or free colors.

You may find that the carpet provides a base of a complete decoration scheme, or you may already have a decoration scheme that you love and a colored mat will finish the room. In the room I remembered the light red carpet, they built the decorations around the red carpet. Patriotic decor hung on the walls and red pillows sat on darker sofas. They even found a coordinating big red chair that they bought to go with the carpet. The colorful carpet freed them to make other bold choices in a room that was not structurally special but because of the decor theme became visually spectacular.

When deciding to add a living room or decorate from the ground up, try using a bold colored mat and see what opportunities open up for you. You may be surprised at how the entire space is changing due to the decision to decorate with a bold colored mat.