Decorate with white

Decorate with white # decorate

With the many styles, materials, themes and types of living room furniture available, you have a wide range of decorations to choose from. Below are some decorating tips when buying and arranging your living room furniture.

· Group things into odd numbers. A sofa, love and chair or a sofa and three chairs. Three candlesticks or a vase with flowers on the mantle. Three or five pillows on the sofa.

· Watch out for using more than two pairs of something in a room. Try two matching chairs and an end table between them instead of two matching chairs and two matching end tables.

· Do not try to use too many styles in a room. It is okay to be eclectic with a funky art deco table or chair in a French setting in the country, but does not also combine a modern living room table or a country leather sofa. One or two pieces of a different style work in a mostly consolidated look.

· One piece will not "make" a room. Make sure you have complementary items that work well with your showpiece.

· Too many chairs and table legs in one room are not grounded. Include a wheelchair, sofa or baseboard.

· Use your space well - consider walls, open windows, fireplaces and floors. Plan where you want your pieces to go if you buy new living room furniture. You do not want to enter a room or block windows with furniture.

· Do not place the back of the sofa against the front door. You want to invite people, and if people see a couch back first, it places an obstacle on your residential area. Have an open area that invites a visitor, especially as they enter through the front door.

· Accessories with pillows, candles, vases and lamps. If you have a monotone sofa, love, chairs and tables, light them up with pillows, afghans, candles, vases and "coffee table art." You can even change the look on a seasonal basis with bright and bright colors in spring and summer and warm, darker colors in autumn and winter.

· Has custom furniture. Many furniture stores allow you to choose from a wide selection of fabrics and leather for seat cushions, pillows and cloths. You can even choose wood finishes on bedroom furniture and living room tables and dining tables and chairs.

· Make it comfortable. Your living room furniture should be welcome to sit on, lay down a drink or put on your feet if it is an ottoman or footstool. For tough decoration, your guests do not feel at home.

· Keep caste and Afghans under control. If you will have small blankets on your couches, fix and fold them around pillows and pillows so that they are part of the furniture and not just an accent.

Check your home regularly to see what needs updating or improvement. Be sure to shop in multiple stores when buying furniture so you can see what the new look is and compare prices. Sometimes you can get ideas to rearrange your furniture and just buy a new piece to give your living room a whole new look.