47+ Stunning Cozy Living Room Design Ideas #livingroomideas #livingroomdecoratio…

47+ Stunning Cozy Living Room Design Ideas #livingroomideas #livingroomdecorations #livingroomfurniture

These rustic refined luxury ranch homes in Montana are elegantly designed with elements of Mother Nature. The elegant log cabins embrace their rustic natural surroundings and create a holistic and relaxing atmosphere. Decorative elements such as antique arches in teak forest handmade in old artisan style and wood panels made from reclaimed forest, are used to upgrade cottage style.

Incorporate the natural beauty of Indo Spanish vintage doors with iron nails and the old world architectural design of the outdoors, in interiors, seamlessly blend huge teak porch doors and fully carved wooden pillars with coarse wooden walls and natural wooden ceilings and vaulted windows. Enjoy rustic sophistication in the secluded mountains of Utah.

The cozy warmth of a log cabin designed with magnificent toothed arches has a very dramatic feel. The plank floors, an Anglo Indian carved wooden railing, peeled patina rustic door cabinets provide a vintage refinement to the entrance, leading to the living room of the wonderful Colorado Ranch Cabin. A tribal Indian Manjoosh or kitchen box with iron-clad door and carved horse heads is enchanting in its earthy red patina. A Buddha bust sits on top of grinding pearls in the amethyst and Lapiz Lazuli reminds you to take some time for meditation and self-improvement.

With the help of recycled forests and naturally distressed handmade furniture, we keep the environmentally conscious and choose recycled materials through the Idaho cabin. The holistic renovation retained the original logs and also saved dying trees in the yard for posts, wooden floors and paneled walls. Rustic and eclectic vintage trunks with iron nails and straps provide the basic element to the living room which removes harmful ions and makes the energy positive.

The 5,000-square-foot log cabin on Long Island, New York, has an antique Indian double door with iron horseshoes and a elaborate top carved with fish and peacocks. The triple arch porch encloses the windows, rustic old-fashioned architectural design at its best. The cotton cradle of the hand loom is used to stop the plush sofas. Printed by hand in vegetable dyes, they are completely in sync with nature and have a minimal carbon footprint. Hand-woven cotton textiles are good for Mother Earth, our climate and are all natural. The bathroom vanity is reused from a console made of salvaged doors. Recycled old forests contribute to the decadent cabin's rustic beauty and blend luxury with conscious design.